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Neurotoxins Post Care

Neurotoxins Post Care


Congratulations on your Botox/Dysport treatment! Neuromodulators work by temporarily relaxing facial muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles. 


Botox: Botox begins to take effect in 7-10 days and takes 2 weeks to hit its peak. Clinically it lasts 3-4 months.

Dysport: Dysport begins to take effect in 3-5 days and takes 2 weeks to hit its peak. Clinically it lasts 3-4 months.

*If additional units are needed, they will not be injected until the initial injections have hit their peak.


Immediately post treatment

  • Do not touch or massage the treatment area for 48 hours

  • Redness and bumps may be present for 15-30 minutes.

  • Bruising can occur and may last for about a week. 

  • Arnica and/or bromelain can help any bruising or inflammation resolve quicker. 


4 hours post treatment

  • Keep your head upright for 4 hours, avoid laying down flat.

  • Avoid makeup within 4 hours of treatment; Applying makeup with clean hands and brushes will help decrease risk of infection.

  • Please do not use extreme pressure to apply cosmetics, lotions or serums.


24 hours post treatment

  • If the forehead area is treated, do not wear hats, headbands, sweatbands etc. or use Clarisonic Brush to avoid migration of product.

  • No exercise for 24 hours

  • No hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas, tanning beds, working out for 24 hours.

  • No vigorous washing, scrubbing or rubbing of treatment area- this includes facials, massages, Clarisonic face brushes, facial waxing, exfoliating scrubs etc.


Tips for your next visit

Studies show a daily dose of 50mg Zinc Citrate for 4 days prior to treatment and the day of treatment may help Botox/Dysport last up to 30% longer.


   Avoid the following medications and supplements that thin the blood:

  • Aspirin/NSAIDs (Ibuprofen), Fish oil/Omega-3's, Alcohol, Vitamin E, Ginseng/Ginger/Garlic

  • Please check with your doctor before scheduling your injectables appointment if you are on aspirin or blood thinner regimen

  • If you have a history of cold sores, call our office for a prescription prior to your appointment

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