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3D Round Ridges


Looking for Botox & Dysport in Lake Havasu? The Sunrise Aesthetics & Wellness has you covered. There’s no way to stop time or reverse the aging process, but we have the ideal injectable treatments to help you regain a more youthful appearance. With Botox or Dysport, you can say goodbye to those unwanted wrinkles and fine lines.

Dermal fillers in Lake Havasu are cosmetic injectable products designed to address smile lines, volume loss, thin lips, and more. At Sunrise Aesthetics & Wellness we expertly determine during your consultation which filler is best suited to achieve the look you are striving for depending on your targeted area. We use hyaluronic acid dermal fillers in the Juvederm and Restylane family. These fillers are used for both wrinkle reduction as well as for hollow cheekbones, under the eye, or if you just want to see a little more definition and plumpness to any of your features.

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