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Diamond Glow - Pre & Post Care

DiamondGlow Pre & Post Care

Pre-Instructions for DiamondGlow

  • Patients are recommended to arrive at their appointment with no makeup. Any make up will be removed prior to treatment.

  • Patients using active ingredients such as retinoids or exfoliants must stop for 3 days prior to their treatment.


DiamondGlow Post-care Instructions

  • Use skincare products recommended by your aesthetician.

  • Discontinue use of retinoids and active ingredients for 3 days after your treatment.

  • Do not use harsh scrubs or abrasive loofahs following your treatment for at least 3 days.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure and wear sunscreen daily.

  • Avoid surfaces that can cause irritation (pillows, beards, turtleneck shirts, etc.)

  • Do not pick at the skin, this will cause hyperpigmentation and/or surface scars.


Call our office at (928) 854-2568  if you experience excessive redness, swelling, or pain.

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