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FormaV does an incredible job restoring vaginal health. The FormaV Treatment builds over time, so while you will see improvements after your first visit, they will only get better after your second and third treatment!


Is this Treatment for You?

The FormaV Treatment is designed to help women resolve intimate health by:

  • Restoring vaginal tightness

  • Increasing vaginal lubrication

  • Increasing blood flow to the vaginal tissue

  • Increasing vaginal sensation

  • Reducing leaks

If this is something you are experiencing don’t hesitate to reach out.

What you can expect.

How is the Lotus Treatment performed?

FormaV is a small wand inserted vaginally that delivers safe therapeutic radio-frequency energy to gently heat your vaginal tissues. This stimulates your body to begin naturally rebuilding and strengthening vaginal tissues, producing new and strengthening existing collagen and elastin. Treating exterior tissues helps with sensitivity, pain, and improves the overall aesthetic appearance.

The FormaV Package.

What does the FormaV package consist of?

  • Three initial treatments - each lasting about 30-45 minutes.

  • Treats internal vaginal tissues as well as the external labia.

  • Immediate visual results.

  • Zero post-treatment downtime or recovery time.

We recommend returning in 12 months for a maintenance treatment but, especially in the case of childbirth or other circumstances that bring about a resurfacing of symptoms, you can schedule a touch-up treatment whenever you like!

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